A sound like no other

  • The premiere subwoofer Unit of sale: Each

    from KICKER. Not for the faint of heart. 10,000 watts to 5,000 watts peak power handling. Available sizes: 18" | 12" | 10"

  • Solo-Baric L7 Unit of sale: Each

    KICKER'S authentic and original square subwoofer. Ground-breaking design that started it all. Available sizes: 15" | 12" | 10" | 8"

  • CompVX Unit of sale: Each

    KICKER has placed all the power and performance of it's square woofer technology in the round. This is the most intense round woofer KICKER has ever offered. Available sizes: 15" | 12" | 10"

  • Solo Classic Unit of sale: Each

    Back to BASSics. This woofer is what KICKER is known for, BIG BASS in a tiny box. A subwoofer for the listener who wants truly deep bass from a very small enclosure. Available sizes: 15" | 12" | 10" | 8"

  • Solo-Baric L5 Unit of sale: Pair

    The Solo-Baric L5 inherits all the same patented technology as the dominant L7 square woofer but at a more affordable price. Available sizes: 15" | 12" | 10" | 8"

  • CompVT Unit of sale: Pair

    Real subwoofer performance in a shallow mount. KICKER's CompVT subwoofer offers CompVR quality and performace in places few others can go. Available sizes: 12" | 10" | 8" | 6-1/2"

  • CompVR Unit of sale: Pair

    KICKER's CompVR subwoofer offers features beyond any other woofer in its class. It has consistently been the industry standard in sound, performance and price. Available sizes: 15" | 12" | 10" | 8"

  • Comp Unit of sale: Pair

    The Comp Subwoofer represents the best balance between high value and high performance available in today's round-subwoofer market. Available sizes: 15" | 12" | 10" | 8"

  • QS Components Unit of sale: Pair

    Nothing so clean, so accurate, so pure… has ever found its way from the KICKER® Acoustics Laboratories to an automobile, until now. Available sizes: QS65.2 | QS60.2

  • RS Series Unit of sale: Pair

    Ultimate reliability and tremendous audio clarity provide the makeup for RS-Series Matched Component Systems. Available sizes: RS65.2 | RS60.2

  • KS Series Unit of sale: Pair

    KS-Series speakers provide smooth, clear mids and highs expected from the leader in mobile audio, and at a price that won't lighten the wallet. Available types: Coax & 3-Way | Components | Tweeters

  • DS Series Unit of sale: Pair

    Looking for exceptional sound at a great value? Look no further than the DS Series. Available types: Coax & 3-Way | Components


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